We offer a choice of project delivery methods and a full complement of in-house services, from preconstruction through project close-out to meet the varied needs of our clients. Since there are numerous delivery systems available to owners today, it is necessary to review delivery systems with customers. We carefully listen to an owner talk about their needs so we can make recommendations that will facilitate the construction process. This helps the owner choose the delivery system that is best and leads to a more effective construction experience.

Choosing the right delivery system is the foundation for a positive, long-term relationship. Through experience, we have discovered certain delivery systems lend themselves to certain projects. By thoroughly discussing a project with the client, we can determine together what the best plan of action is. Sometimes the decision is straightforward; sometimes it is not. But there are always delivery systems that can work for your specific needs.

Graham will offer suggestions that help the customer make the best delivery system decision. The goal is to use the delivery system that will align individual elements so overall project goals and requirements can be met. Once the handoff is made from the owner to Graham, our construction operations group hits the ground running. The construction of building components occurring simultaneously on projects requires us to organize our staff into separate area management teams.

Each building component has its own timeline. As construction progresses, open lines of communication (such as monthly project status reports) with the owner and the design team keep the project moving forward. Weekly coordination meetings with subcontractors inform all participants of their roles in keeping the project on budget and on schedule. Expansion and renovation projects require us to work in spaces occupied by our clients’ employees and guests.

We are conscious about what construction effects can have on an occupied facility’s operation, so we work closely with our clients to minimize this. Much of our success comes from the ability of our project supervisory teams to communicate to field forces the equally important values of safety and quality. When a project is complete and the ribbon is cut, we are proudest when owners speak of us as professional, cooperative and trustworthy. After all, it’s all about building relationships on trust.

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